Detox, Food Sensitivity, and,Immunity

Food Sensitivity

Many of us unknowingly eat foods that produce inflammation in our bodies. We may even assume these foods are good for us, but the inflammation they cause can lead to all sorts of issues such as irregular moods, chronic pain, and even weight gain. Is there a way to find out what you should and should not eat? We've developed a streamlined process to figure it out. Through a simple finger prick test and a food elimination program, we can determine your unique food sensitivities and build a nutritional plan that works for your tastes and lifestyle.


Our Naturopathic team has put together a solution to build your immune system in the strongest way possible, using our knowledge of the immune system along with nutraceutical supplements you can only get from a licensed professional. Instead of trying to locate sold out ‘Emergen – C’, build your immune system the right way with the right balance of what your body needs.

Our Immunity Visit consists of the following –

  • A 30 minute virtual visit with Dr. Lazzell

  • A supplement package designed specifically to address your immune system needs while the Coronavirus peaks here in the U.S. – shipped to your front door

  • Nutritional guidance and handouts customized for your specific lifestyle

Coming Soon

A Comprehensive Detox Package customized to fit the system in your body you are ready to detox, complete with infrared sauna therapy, an option to add clean eating meal delivery, and supplements to re-balance the exact components of your body, making you feel like the best version of yourself.

A Package just for headaches - whether chronic tension headaches, or migraines, this package includes Biofeedback Therapy, Food Sensitivity Assessment, and Naturopathic Medicine Services to understand and eliminate the source of your Headaches.