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Pediatrics and the Crucial Building Blocks

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Doctors aren't just for feeling ill!

Our kids are growing up in a toxic time. Parents can do everything right to set their children up for a healthy future, but the hidden dangers are just that, hidden. It can be heavy metal exposure or hormone exposure in your drinking water that even the toughest of filters can’t remove, or it can be the air you and your family are breathing. Are you using products on your skin or your family’s skin that contain hidden and harmful ingredients that may be disrupting your endocrine system? 

My goal as a Naturopathic physician is not only to aid in chronic and complex health concerns, but to help put in place the tools needed to build a successful health foundation. Children are especially vulnerable to environmental toxicity we see in today’s medical concerns, and although every parent does their best to ensure their child’s health and safety, I pride myself in building the necessary foundation to help you and your family. Want more info? Contact me I'd love to meet you!

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