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Monday & Wednesday 10a - 4p Tuesday 11a - 5p

Friday 10a - 2p - 847.236.1701

*please call the office for after work appointments & Saturdays


The foundation for a healthy life starts the moment you're born. From addressing spinal alignment and proper muscle development, to nutritional support and diet changes,

we'll help put you on the path to a healthier tomorrow.   


Starts with addressing 

the basic factors of health to ensure you have a solid foundation to build a healthier life. From there we address supplemental agents to optimize your healing and health needs. 


One of the oldest forms of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture addresses health on an energetic level to help stimulate your bodies own innate healing abilities. 


Your nervous system is the master control to your entire body. Without proper nervous system function, your body suffers. An array of techniques are used to help you achieve the results you want. 

"Dr. Lazzell is as gifted in her kindness and compassion as she is her naturopathic and chiropractic care. Her therapeutic practices encompass the entire individual and allow for all parts of another to be acknowledged. I have felt truly supported in making kind decisions for my body during my relationship with her as a doctor and teacher. From hormonal regulation, gastrointestinal support, skin support and plenty of acute 'hiccups' in between, Dr. Lazzell has been a leader in my healing journey!"

— Allison M. 

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